Black Metal

White Ward – Silence Circles

Letra “White Ward – Silence Circles” Official Lyrics Verse 1 Itching palms turn into fistsThe stronger always blames the weakerThese walls don’t have earsA broken mirror doesn’t flicker Verse 2 Itching palms turn into fistsThe stronger always blames the weakerBeloved ones are enemiesA broken soul doesn’t flitter cujBpY Chorus Grey …

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White Ward – Leviathan

Letra “White Ward – Leviathan” Official Lyrics Verse 1 This city is deafIts nights are endlessIts walls are tallMy prayers are worthlessThis purgatory is blindIts days are countlessIts ditches are deepYour prayers are worthless Chorus Walking across these burial groundsWhere our skyscrapers riseSearching for evidence that this worldIs devoted to …

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White Ward – False Light

Letra “White Ward – False Light” Official Lyrics Verse 1 Hopeless gloom and the identity of ideasIn this world of bright lights and flashesI am the smallest grain of sand, a fragment of passionsI am driven by a surplus of desires and tensions Bridge The postmortem Library of AlexandriaReveals its secret treasures, we drown in …

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