​black midi – The Defence

Letra “​black midi – The Defence” Official Lyrics

When the crowds are

And the streetlamps are lit
One of my disciples
Begins his wandering

In the alleys and the main streets
He begins to
pathetic, and lame

Lead them in
To our establishment, he starts to cry:

to buy

Whatever you like
To please you tonight

A brothel is a business
No different than a bank
It’s safe and it’s formal, and sanitary

My girls are destined for hell
Or so says our priest
But find me a Christian
Who spends as much time on their knees

Closer to god
They honor his glory in the best way

Without my aid, they’d be in chains
Or disembowelled in a backstreet lane
I’ll stop selling when you stop buying
Till the end of time you can hear that cry:

Prostrate, supine
Well-groomed, divine
Whatever you like (oh yeah)
, follow me tonight

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