Black Noi$e – Mo(u)rning ft. Earl Sweatshirt

Mo(u)rning – Black Noi$e ft. Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Letra:
Verse: Earl Sweatshirt
Same time, hurdling what I had to
I learned to adapt, way better than I could plan
She was eager to leave, but it ain’t me with my eyes damp
Feet stampeding through mine shafts
Canaries singing, the wire’s tapped
Offerings on the shrine, reclaiming my time like Aunt Max
The water was all black, the moon fondling tides
Man, we painting the town red, allegiance is over-pronounced, stand down
We was setting the mousetraps, wouldn’t believe who we found dead cleaning house
He was cheesy from back then, I see it now
Speaking down to my demons
Like big dogs, you a mouth breather in denial
SIG Sauer, the heat seeker
Sittin’ down with my lawyer for a brief meeting, laying all the pieces out
I think I’d call it mourning, grief rebound
12 months, I couldn’t form a decent smile, chest heaving
Death reeking in a pile
Eventually I’ll leave the house

Chorus: Earl Sweatshirt
Now you see me, now you don’t
At the same time, hurdling what I had to
I learned to adapt, way better than I could plan
Now you need me, now I’m gone, pack my feelings up and go
Plant the seedling of some hope
Now you see me, now you don’t
At the same time, hurdling what I had to
I learned to adapt, way better than I could plan
Now you need me, now I’m gone
Plant the feeling of some hope

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