Bob Dylan – Goodbye Jimmy Reed

Goodbye Jimmy Reed – Bob Dylan Lyrics Letra:
I live on a street named after a Saint
Women in the churches wear powder and paint
Where the Jews and Catholics and the Muslim all pray
I can tell they’re praying from a mile away
Goodbye Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Reed indeed
Give me that old time religion, it’s just what I need

For thine is kingdom, the power, the glory
Go tell it down the mountain, go tell the real story
Tell it in that straightforward, puritanical tone
In the mystic hours when a person’s alone
Goodbye Jimmy Reed, godspeed
Thump on the bible, proclaim a creed

You won’t amount to much, the people all said
‘Cause I didn’t play guitar behind my head
Never pandered, never acted proud
Never took of my shoes, throw ‘em in the crowd
Goodbye Jimmy Reed, goodbye, goodnight
Put a jewel in your crown and put out the lights

They threw everything at me, everything in the book
I had nothing to fight with but a butcher’s hook
They had no pity, they never lend a hand
I can’t sing a song that I don’t understand
Goodbye Jimmy Reed, goodbye, good luck
I can’t play the record ‘cause my needle got stuck

Transparent woman in a transparent dress
Suits you well, I must confess
I’ll break open your grapes, I’ll suck out the juice
I need you like my head needs a noose
Goodbye Jimmy Reed, goodbye and so long
I thought I could resist her but I was so wrong

God be with you, brother dear
If you don’t mind me asking what brings you here?
Oh, nothing much, I’m just looking for the man
Need to see where he’s lying in this lost land
Goodbye Jimmy Reed, and everything within ya
Can’t you hear me calling from down in Virginia?

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