Boondox – Cryptodirt

Letra “Boondox – Cryptodirt” Official Lyrics

Skit: Drama Sets

These motherfuckers heard the story and act like they don’t know what’s up. But these motherfuckers ain’t got no clue about the actual gangster shit that went down after Dirty moved back to Detroit, you hear me. See the rumor on the street was, he hooked up with some major mob affiliates, and they was running money, guns, drugs, endless work. Even had the music back and forth between The Murder Mitten and The Dirty South. See ain’t nobody fucking with this dude man. Some people even say he sold his soul to the devil for eternal life, and that’s not even human anymore you hear me? Some folks swear that he literally transformed into a demon, living amongst mortals with his own personal sick and twisted reasons. I don’t know man, see I don’t know shit about that you hear me? None of that is my business, I’m just here to continue telling the story of one of the most cutthroat gangsters to ever roam the back alley streets. This is the story of Cryptodirt, AKA the Legend of Turncoat Dirty

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