Oh hi, didn’t see you there; you know I don’t stare
But let’s be clear, all eyes on me and you think it’s fair? (Uh)
Lemme talk my shit for a second, every word can be my biggest weapon (Hahahahahahahaha)

Bars gon’ make you pause
Bars gon’ put you on mental loss
Bars gon’ taste like the hottest sauce
These bars come from the oddest boss
“Goddess or god?”
I’m just the baddest for a good cause
Sad queer lost quite a few, loss
Martyr judged like a sued cross
Offer me a clause, put mе in a box
I’ll shoot, caos

Cheerful with that crown splitting
Careful with that clowns fitting
Y’all finding new sounds, leaning
Am I gonna bе the last? Just kidding
Not looking for any cast, no seeking
Waiting for my round, spinning
Waiting to be found, shitting
Imma-Imma stand up, no sitting
Imma-Imma land up, no dreaming
Imma-Imma fend off, no killing
Imma-Imma end up with six rings (How many? Six)
Imma show my price, being nice but still hard like Ice
In disguise so i’m seen as a surprise
Cock o’clock, what’s the size?
Always growing, time flies
Oh, yeah, yeah (Haha)
Huff, huff, sigh twice

I’m full of shit but still cool shit, I’m okay with that (I’m okay with that)
Fake smiles trying to fool me, shit
That’s bullshit and I don’t play with that
Ya have a big head, lay on that
I’m way ahead of ya, stay like that
Hey, where ya bars at?
Want me to share you some bars? Sad
Don’t you dare to stare, rat
Ya see me far above, fair, I’m glad
Fuck the stats, I’m going for the plaques
Ya lacks of facts so ya make zero impacts
My voice gon’ be heard like if Ye was unlocked
My voice gon’ be heard like if the walls could talk
I’m the realest but I speak less truth when I’m fucked
Ya time is ticking and I own the clocks
Money and streets, imma own the blocks (Rrra)

I could own this whole place but i feel outta place (Oh no)
In my calmed phase i see all from the outer space
Negative shit is replaced, there’s no case ‘cause there’s no trace
I’m gon’ take off so fast imma be outta space (Peace out!)
I belong to the stars with my floating bars causing a blast
Lemme put you on bla-bla-blast, but always with class
Far away from the sun like the Voyager One
You can see my face but you can’t chase me
Outta my mind sometimes, not the case lately
Pen game present like a pinkprint, word to the Queen
Pen game be present like a blueprint, word to Jay-Z
Imma stop descending to the ending
I fly so high so I can stop pretending to be landing from my fantasy
I’m a real ascendent
Neva fit here
Oh, no-no-no-no, no need for that, I’m the biggest investment
But i won’t stay in resentment, I moved to a better placement
Every word can be my best statement
Clear as day, man
When you’re down my words gon’ cause you an increasement (Man!)
You gon’ say “Oh man, not again, not again”
You gon’ say “Oh, man, not again, not again”
But this weirdo gon’ be spazzing back to back till I win

Hey! I’m not done yet! (Ahhh!)
Not seeing anybody but I’m always watching
Trusting nobody is a vibe imma start catching
Turn that mic on, first time recording so I’m just playing
Backstabbed and unvalued, trust fading
When they leave me they downgrade, just saying
They judge without putting my shoes on, ego chasing
You shared so much with me that when you left me your soul left with me
‘Cause now I see you and I see none of it, I no longer see you
I’m thankful for the fact that I’m free from you
I don’t recognize you, I think that I idealized you
The truth is now I realize that I outsize you
I will no longer fantasize of that paradise with you
I felt bad and sad inside of me but then I realized I felt more me without that we
Now I see the chains on my freedom to be, it ain’t April so don’t try to fool me
I don’t wanna see your true colors ever again
I saw em’ once when that took us to an end
And I- And I hope I enhance without calling you a friend
Self care is my first rule, I commit to commitment

¿Y tú qué miras? Pírate con tus mentiras
Falsa decepción la que respiras, no es mi culpa si deliras
Mira, no me proyectes tus errores que ya veo que conspiras
A tu triste engaño aspiras (Haha!)
Ni un adiós te mereces, agradece mi silencio
Conciencia limpia me agencio y a mi pasado te sentencio
Si hablase podría hacerte arder (Fire!)
Pero mis palabras voy a ganar y no perder (Bitch!)
Mi cora se divide en las almas que les he dao un pedazo de él
Como el pan de cristo, cualquiera saborea pero pocxs ven más que el trozo del pastel
Despidiendo a gente de este big cora (Bye!)
A veces sin despedirme y sin demora
Pensé que me abrazabas, me ahogabas como una serpiente
Mi fortaleza hizo que tu veneno no fuese suficiente
Noté tu lengua saboreándome y te la corté
Te vi en mis sueños devorándome y te silencié
Tu autocrítica es insignificante, paso de ponerte un espejo delante
Me causaste algo de pena pero a mí ya na me frena
La vida ya te lo mostrará, predicción ajena
Saving myself from the flight to the edge
Truth is now I know I was right when I left!

Freestyle dropping, jaws dropping like the kid from Home Alone
Wait! How many flows counted? Oh my- Oh my- Twenty eight!

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