BOP DS – BeatBox

Letra “BOP DS – BeatBox” Official Lyrics

[Intro: BabySlime]Baby Slime
You already know what the fuck goin’ on, fuck you talking ‘bout
Bow bow, bow bow

[Verse 1: BabySlime]If I catch another opp, i’ma knock his top off
Keep saying you goin’ throw some shots, Bitch you goin’ catch ‘em back
You talk too much I might just shoot you in your mouth
I catch another opp, mask up, shoot him up
Pop out the cut, light his body up
Try to run up, this Glock goin’ to your face
Better stay in yo place unless you tryna die today
If I catch me a opp, i’ma dump the Glock in public
I don’t give a fuck about who around
If a nigga try to snitch, he goin’ get his face blown
If I catch you driving too slow, i’ma light you up
You better not try me, i’ma knock one of your man’s off
Y’all niggas keep sayin’ y’all did somethin’
But, y’all niggas never stepped on nothin’
If you get caught slippin’, make sure you got your gun
‘Cause, BabySlime, he don’t never miss (B.O.P DS)

[Verse 2: BOP DS]I’m posted up, on the block, and I got my stick on me (Let’s go)
He say hе goin’ get rid of me, that boy ain’t goin’ do shit to me (Man, what)
I’m riding ‘round, on thе block, looking for the opps (Yea)
A nigga play with Lil’ DS, he goin’ get hit up with that Glock
He try to run up on my block, he goin’ get hit up with that stick
That boy a bitch, he keep making diss’s, but he not on shit (Nah)
Me and JN, posted on the brick, and we making hits (JN)
Get the drop on where that nigga stay, we goin’ spin the bin (Skrt)
These niggas hoes, they don’t want no smoke, I put that on my soul
Catch him lacking, run up on his block, i’ma let it blow
Where he at? Pull up to his house, run up in his home
He say he slime, he is not my kind, i’ma wipe his nose (Slime)
Smoking dead opps, run up on me, you goin’ see that red dot
Talking on the ‘net, you goin’ get hit up with a headshot
Get the drop, pull up on his block, we goin’ send them shots
These niggas hot, they some bitches, they be snitching to the cops (Man)

[Outro: BOP DS](BOP DS)
(Let’s go)

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