Boslen – GONE

Letra “Boslen – GONE” Official Lyrics

(Lyrics from Instagram Reels)

Intro: (unknown)

(hahaha), (haha)

Verse 1: Boslen

When you say you hate me to all of your friends
Just don’t forget I still live in your head
Faces keep changing but you still depend on me

Bridge: Boslen

Yeah, so I’ll keep, I’ll keep, just a little bit of my peace, my peace
In the middle of this bad dream
Or the mess that you made of me, (ohh)
So I don’t wanna hear, hear, hear
None of your tears, tears, tears
Cause baby my tears, tears, tears are long gone

Chorus: Boslen

I don’t wanna wait for you to say you’re sorry
I’m not gonna let you just for anybody
Scars heal in the

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