Boss Don – The Process

Letra “Boss Don – The Process” Official Lyrics

It all started with a feeling a joy from hearing raps
From writing in my notebook reciting shawn carter tracks
Getting flack from my pops from cursing the rhymes I felt
Felt so good at the moment not thinking about that belt
Dealt with high manys lows pushing time after time
Done got through many hardships by listening to these rhymes
Tryna climb and find myself juggling with this art
Almost gave up through the years heartbroken tearing apart
From the obstacles and trials detour while I was moving
Not thinking bout the process was too busy always proving
That I was the best not taking rest or never losing
Was too blinded in my twenties to learn always refusing
Had to learn to calm my ego by getting a dose of truth
That same humble pie help grown evolve and shoot
To a level never thought or imagined in coming years
Put together a rap group on a mission to make it clear
Now we gunnin dropping tracks consistent this shit just flow
Tried to get on the same page but path got blown with smoke
The energy was changing I peeped it right when it just broke
Up the bond and chemistry built together the rhymes we wrote
Shit almost burned some bridges I blame myself for the move
Can’t make a quick decision affecting the common groove
Had to learn a hard lesson by almost losing my crew
Was too focused in the moment not thinking bout the bigger view
Shit was cool when it happened the memory will remain
Helped me be better artist and person it helped me change
With the game I took step back then I started from scratch
Had to clear my heart and focus my mind switch up and patch
Up the flaws and negativity plaguing my current life
Can’t see a better light if I don’t get a better sight
Fix my view perspective being selective with who I kick it
Learned to be perceptive and be respective when I feel livid
Can’t live with the logic and reasoning that people use
I also understand we entitled to different views
So I know theres many reasons to decisions that we choose
Every moment has a sign you will see it when it is due
Only a few will understand when they understand themselves
Invested in myself to unlock my inner wealth
Making sure the hands I dealt will stand the test of time
Executing on my visions with music pushing my mind

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