Botan – So Fly

Botan – So Fly Lyrics Letra:
[Hook] Baby know that I’m so Fly

Got the world to shine
I lost my mind when I did find that i could

Fly so high

Wind is blowing on my chest
And I just feel the best

God If I die tonight

Bless me with your sunrise
while moonlight be kneeling down

I feel so high
I get sick when I’m looking down

[Verse 1] Shouting out to all the dreams dat ive long forgotten
Seeing the prophecy comin real must be statin it for something
I was in rut for a long time but now
its done and I can write for anything i ever wanted

ask me why Im runnin
I say its for the homies that know me
no evil in they soul down to take bullet for me
We grow along in every road damned that I’ll be
If I never poke the opposite
and live up to my promises

Oh boy the Sun is Shinin I’m close to findin
a fine blinding diamond right around me
grab her waist to ride around with.
I’m fire lit if I smell loves scent around here

I need plates around here , big steaks around here
mistakes made but the lesson is the value
I think I’ve got couple things just to tell ya
I got wings And now I’m free to use em, lets lose em

I just cut the ties bitch, Now I flies Bitch.
Like khalifa I be piercing thru the skies

[Hook] [Verse 2] My old life was boring as a subway trip
but now I’m fly like a plane off the landing strip
My click getting greens call em paper magnet it feels
like I’m the key for the safe yall been tryin to pick.

Distrupt my vibe and get the finger flipped
Respect my life , we come in peace n shit.
so many people acting in a crazy over shit i spit
I think I’m gettin the shivers by looking down from my spaceship

Shit I feel like I should prolly let it loose
get the booze and feel the soothe of upcoming news.
all the things ill be doing pretty soon
booms when my crew puts the magic recipe down in the stew

with my youth im down
cruisin round the town
Havin all the fun as we light the fires
if you need me to come and pick u up
I’m flying down from the mountain top with green handgliderz.

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