Bris – Need Hammy

Bris – Need Hammy Lyrics Letra:
Aye I just hit my plug like I need hammy
Free Bubba free Zay nigga free Danny
And she gon make us fight I got a mean granny
I can never slip I’m like a clean trainer
I turn this bitch up ion care who in here
He had that pole for a minute it’s a souvenir
Got me onna gps I keep a shooter near
In this ocean need a vest and some scuba gear
Yeah I know my ex mad and she real salty
She be running in that bag and she still call me
I been tryna get them bucks like its Milwaukee
Yeah this chopper dank jump if you feel froggy
40 barkin like a dog, and a frog can leap
You a bum where yo gun they say talk is cheap
If you internet thuggin then we on out delete
My shooter called for that mission and he called complete
Drive around with that toy this a toy drive
Been down for tryna slide they call it joy ride
This choppa get to kickin like its moytie
Bitch I slid that one time they said that boy died
And I am used to having nothing I ain’t new to zero
Captain save a hoe niggas always superheros

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