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Temporary Love – Camilo

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Temporary Love – Camilo

Letras da Musica
Yo so, so like, tell me what it is like, are we leaving or what?
Nah, Nah, Nah you ain’t gotta bring your girls and shit, like
Nah, it’s not one of those, low them
They seem like they’re having fun, like
Just us two

Let’s get out of here
I don’t want to be here all night
Drink too strong and I’m way gone, been here too long
Don’t get it twisted, babe
We can still party at home
Get a bottle of our own
Get it in, get it in the zone
Nobody gotta know
But is it alright?
If I just come to spend the night?
All night been wanting to get you, babe
Girl, I’m so drunk take advantage babe
And it’s been a while
Since I held somebody so tight
Since I’ve loved somebody so right
So shut up and take it, do as I say
All night been feenin to get you, babe

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