Chamber – In Cleansing Fire

In Cleansing Fire – Chamber Lyrics Letra:
Living in fear, dying in vain

Gasping for air
Fighting for life
Reaping a harvest
From poisoned soil
Stagnant; torn
In the name of corrupt ideals
Encased in glass
Allowed to exist
Thriving selfishness

There is blood on our hands
From the casualties of our own ignorance

Despite our so called progress
History repeats in cycles
The body count has become
The currency of power

We suffocate
Gasping for air
Encased in glass
We suffocate

The days drag on
The walls close in
Born into fear
To die in vain
Vessels to carry the pain
Living in fear
and too weak to fight,
We’re complicit through our apathy

Dying for nothing

Everything will burn
In a war of ideals
This sickness will be purged

Everything will burn in cleansing fire

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