Chaosmonaut – Starshine

Letra “Chaosmonaut – Starshine” Official Lyrics

Have you ever got into your car and drove far away from home, far away from the city, drove into the mountains and then hiked into the trees until you got to a lake, and the night falls and you lay on your back and you watch the stars and you had forgotten how bright the stars really are when you are in the city being drowned by all the street lights and you promise yourself that you will never forget how bright and beautiful they are…

Have you ever lost yourself in the starshine?

Have you ever sat back and watched thе stars and regretted еver falling asleep and as you fight off sleep realized that all the stars are moving all the time and if you look close enough you can see them move across the sky and so you stare at one to watch it move and as you look closely at it and comparing it to the position of the trees and as you stare at it it seems like another star jerks out of the corner of your eye and so you shift your focus to look at it and just as you do your original star starts to move as your eyes start to swim and all the stars start shimmering and waving and fluxing back and forth and you never want to forget this moment

Have you ever found yourself in the starshine?

Have you ever had such a transformative experience that was also so fleeting that the effect just disappeared as soon as you went to sleep? You get back in your car and you drive to the city and you got to work and watch TV and pay your bills and get drinks with friends and get upset about stupid shit and you forget how bright the stars really are

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