Charisse Sky – June Freestyle

Letra “Charisse Sky – June Freestyle” Official Lyrics


Got here too soon, I

Been in a little mood, I’m

Frustrated up thinking ‘bout you

And I’m on a roller coaster

You say don’t help but when I look away you stumbling by yourself

Fuck am I ‘sposed to do

Boy don’t make me choose

It’s hard for me to choose myself, cause I wanna be with you and

These niggas is horrible, terrible, trifling incompatible

It don’t even matter, they would just fuck up my balance

And them hoes ain’t gonna roll around on that side of town

Blowing back with the windows down with the music loud

Count this stack, copy that

Have my front, got ‘cho back

No one else can throw down and lay it down like that and that’s real

And I’m convinced that you’re for me baby

You are the I to my T baby

You make realities from dreams baby

Angel without wings baby


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