Che`Noir – Win Lose or Draw

Che`Noir – Win Lose or Draw Lyrics Letra:
Uhuh! Trust gang shit
Yo, look uh

Verse: Che Noir
It’s shea butter queen bitch I’m back for some trouble
Rags in the duffle It’s hard to adapt to the struggle
They thought I needed them to climb from the bottom
Now they mad cause I got on without them
It’s hard Times I had to bite the bullet
Got that teeth of a vampire, I creep till they can’t find us, asleep with the lamp by us
The danger of a neglected seed cause they can’t guide us
Burn the village down and feel the heat like a campfire
Yo just roll up my sleeves flow is unique
Just know that the Queen stay on the grind
And I don’t stop to the goal is complete
Chase dreams, put on your team and control what you eat
Plant seeds you may not live to see grow to a tree
Watch niggas eating, made lunch from the crumps
Loyalty is hard to find, it’s hard to love without trust
Being broke just killed my spirit I wasn’t comfortable stuck
And it killed my sex drive, I couldn’t fuck for a month
I Gamble with my chances win, lose or draw
I had to lose it all that’s how you groom a boss
I had to prove them wrong to show them who is in charge
If a bitch lay her hand on me, then she gon lose her arm
I sit at Benihanna’s eating grilled hibachi
We come from empty shows but now we filling lobbies
And none of this rap niggas never will tell me
And that’s a hard pill to swallow but I’m Bill Cosby, nigga!

The difference between me and a lot of niggas is this…
I’m not afraid to fail, I’m not afraid to fall, I’m not afraid to lose
I’m not afraid to have to pick my self up and do it all over again
That’s the difference if I gotta step into the ring and lose
Then I’m cool with that, ‘cause guess what?
You can’t appreciate winning if you’ve lost before
Everybody wanna talk about being up
“Oh, I’m up, I’m levelling up, I’m trying to be up” and all this other shit
But being up feel way much better if you know what it feel like to be down
That’s the difference, my nigga
I gotta lose to win it, you understand?
You step in that ring, you fall?
Wipe yourself up and do it again
I’m not afraid to be bloody
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