CHEZI – 2 PLAYER (ft. LARRY JUNE ) Lyrics Letra:
Lil Rece produced it (Lil Rece produced it)

Verse 1: Larry June
Product of the motherfuckin’ g-a-m-e (G-a-m-e)
In my city, no security, nigga, fuck do you mean?
You ain’t got to play this shit, you a bitch anyway
Sold it off moowops (Yee hee), weed, and yay (Uh)
Bounced out so clean, bitch had to choose (Man)
Never really fixin’ shit, but I packed the tool (But I packed the tool)
When I pull out my .50, I act a fool (Numbers)
Sideways through the Point (Err), Molly G, what it do?
And this plate bussdown, it got crabs and shit (It got crabs and shit)
If you ridin’ dirty, don’t smoke in the whip (Numbers)
Don’t make you a bitch, nigga, that make you smart (Make you smart)
Stay on your toes (Stay on your toes), dodge the narks (Dodge the narks)
Real street nigga, you can tell by the lingo
Top down, pearl white, six, I’m on Pico
Used to live on enkos, paper like Kinkos
Three-thousand dollars for the Burberry peacoat
Stuntin’ is the usual (Usual), lil nigga, who is you? (Who is who?)
Plottin’ on a m-ball (M-ball), but I need a few
Thirty motherfuckin’ days, tryna stacks these fuckin’ leis
Chips (Chips), dip (Dip), basically you got to pay me
Choppa lined ‘em up, like the barber D. Rose (Good job)
In a concierge (Damn) weed smoke on my clothes (Ooh, numbers)
You niggas fake, weird, I can’t fuck with bro (I can’t fuck with bro)
You niggas way too old to be this broke (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
It’s been a lot of interceptions, we gon’ need a private jet (Need a private jet)
What’s next? They got houses in the Hill, private chef
Eatin’ good, told the bitch slide through for the neck
Like a jail call, bitch, I collect
Both cellphones ringin’, and it’s all for a check (Check)
‘Bout to knock a teacher bitch (Ooh), just to fuck her on the desk (Good job)
If I text back quick, baby, you blessed (Blessed)
Sexy ass bitch (Yeah), all she know is finesse, numbers
Bridge: Larry June
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Shh, shh, shh)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Goddamn, sock it to me)

Verse 2: Chezi
In the ocean, on the equator, I’m hot as a sauna (Freeze)
Biggest shark in the water, call it Tommy Bahama (Ugh)
Twinkle-twinkle on my wrist, this shit cost me a dub (Ooh)
Dude was supposed to blow up (Ooh), but I forgot he a dud (Chezi)
That was Texas with the blues, runnin’ plays like I’m Zeke (Yeah)
When I bust vacuum seal, the whole kitchen was stinkin’ (Shh)
Play dumb, I listen twice as much as I speak (Shh)
Came a long way from washin’ dirty clothes in the sink
Get your money, make it rain, they gon’ hate for no reason
Went and bought a Burberry coat with a hood for the season (Freeze)
Had to bust it day and day, go ? with Easy
I ain’t from the wood, but I’m chargin’ fifteen a feature
I’m a different kind of nigga, I still sweat when it’s cold
I fuck with ?, all my letters is gold
I think I love this bitch, she hella thick with a bag (Bag)
Damn, I almost got caught up, I had some hair on my pants
This paper got me focused, I don’t need to pop Adderalls (Freeze)
This a magazine, I’ll give you a catalog
Been around the world, pack talkin’ my travel log
Even though some people changed up, I ain’t mad at all
Don’t talk reckless on my phone, it’s a elbow
I just hit the shop, said I’m lookin’ for a elko
In the streets – Elmo, why you tell, bro?
I got stripes, but these Off-Whites, these ain’t shell-toes
The way these verses set up, it get biblical
Hit me like she want a second chance, yeah, that’s typical (Get over here)
She gon’ have to bless with me some bands, ‘cause I’m spiritual
It ain’t conditional
Fuck the judge, he made some bullshit admissible (Fuck ‘em)
I’m a flight risk
Tried to pay the million-dollar bail, I don’t write shit
Chezi need a million-dollar deal, but this priceless
Told my white boy to check the mail, he said, “Righteous” (Righteous)
Get over here

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