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Chris Crack – Repair for Character

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Repair for Character Lyrics

(Chorus: Chick Ching)
I can’t love you
Nah, I can’t love you
I can’t love you

(Verse 1: Chick Ching)
Smoking on some shit that I just flew in
Coulda had a bag, baby blew it
Chivalry is stupid, better watch my movements
You can’t watch my movements
I can show you what I’m doing
What you doing, don’t you touch my booty
I’m posted in a Uber, wishing we was screwing
I called, you never answered, I guess that’s satisfaction
I really hate your (?) losing all that passion
It left me with no answers, now guess you guessing
Yeah we losing tractions, learning lessons
I take (?) I’m learning better

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