Chris Crack – Tenants of the Tree

Tenants of the Tree Lyrics

(Chorus: Chris Crack)
You can do whatever you like
You can do whatever you like
You can do whatever you like
You like, you like, you like, you like

(Verse: (?))
Eyes slanted, Asiatic damn
I’m Shanghai thinking ‘bout how
I just used to lay up in them damn thighs
I’m in a trance vibes tweaking, I can’t lie
Standby, check my post and my breathing
We did the most this evening, smoking kiwi
You blowed a breeze, no you don’t know the feeling
You smell me, ain’t shit that they could tell me
Step in the spot, I know you keeping a glow
Like that scene from Pelle, crack a flowly and ILY
You mad as hell cause we winning
But can’t you tell it was written

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