Chris GQ Perry – Narcissistic Man

Chris GQ Perry – Narcissistic Man Lyrics Letra:
I got a question for you baby
Is it personal….maybe.
But does that man really love you or is your relationship more like slavery?
I mean…you clean up after him, you do what’s told, still he calls you lazy
And when you confront him about any issues he calls you crazy…
The moment you speak your mind, or tell him how you really feel, he never has the time to talk, so the truth is you never really heal.
He tells you stop being dramatic, your way too much…
And when you ask to see his
phone he says you play too much.
God for bid you catch him in a lie and get him aggravated, those I love yous and I need yous turn to “We should just be separated”.
But if you really try to go he’ll put a end to those dry eyes…
He’ll tell you that your worthless and you’ll never deserve a good guy.
The reason for this is simple, I wish that you understood why, if you don’t see your value, the more likely you are to comply.
When you leave the house you need his approval before anything…
And you better be home when you say cuz 5 mins can change EVERYTHING.
All them girls in your DM that been telling you dat he’s cheatin…
Wit those attached screen shots just to prove that he been creepin, but when you ask him about he just threatens you with leaving.
I pray for all those women with scared souls from abuse…
I promise you he’ll NEVER change theres really NO excuse.
I mean the real question is do you love yourself enough to let go before it’s too late…
Understand that a narcissist could never be a soul mate.

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