Chris Tomlin – Gifts From God

Gifts From God – Chris Tomlin Lyrics Letra:
Back when I was a kid I thought gifts from God only came from church
But the more that I love, the more I learn, it’s not always the way it works
Sometimes you don’t see it till your looking back
When ya didn’t get what ya thought ya had to have
Cus He had a bigger plan than the one you had
Yours didn’t work out and aren’t you glad

When you take a look around it ain’t hard to find
Everybody’s got things that money can’t buy
If the ones ya love are sitting right beside ya
Then I’d say ya got a lot
The best things in life are straight from His hands
Like raising kids on a piece of land
A little piece of mind when the day is done
Where ya think that comes from
That’s gifts from God

It makes ya thankful for the hills that we climb
For the waves that we ride
For the lows and the highs
For the wrongs made right
For the songs we sing
For the dreams we dream
Makes ya thankful for everything

Hallelujah every day’s a gift from God
Hallelujah every day’s a gift
Hallelujah every day’s a gift from God
Hallelujah every day’s a gift

Where ya think that comes from
That’s gifts from God
You know that’s gifts from God
Every day’s a gift from God
Every day’s a gift
Gifts from God

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