CJ Anfernee – Onus

Letra “CJ Anfernee – Onus” Official Lyrics

What could be ever worse than a father faking his role as a king?
Of the house that he left for a dream?
Just another rolling stone in the scheme
But if only you seen what he seen
Know that things always ain’t what it seem
What could be ever worse than a father making no attempts to redeem?

Verse 1
Out of the concrete grew the lotus
My son, top honor grad, investing overs
I’m proud, these amethysts decorating your crown
They made the head heavy, but you still carried the onus
The golden child in twenty four Octobers
Nobody in the family to turn to at his lowest
Kept a distance from the hoes and never lost his focus
Now he sits in a room of interregional Hovas
I imagine you been ashamed of my name
Considering the stories your momma told about my side
My lust and my indifference the only sins that I claim
So I need you to understand I got nothing to hide
To understand that my home is always open to you
To dismiss all the rumors your momma spoken to you
All this shit about my wife “will poison your meals”
About her mother doing witchcraft and devil deals
That I was “entertaining hoes” and “left you in the cold”
Don’t repeat it, but your momma got a wicked soul
That’s why I left back then before it took a toll
But I never abandoned you, I knew my role
I just want the two of us spending time on the court
But you the man of the house, you gotta hold the fort
As long as you understand why I had to leave
The gospel truth is in the air that I still breathe


Verse 2
Out of the concrete grows the lotus
My son of many talents, you think I didn’t notice?
Theatrical with the music, nobody comes the closest
Breathe life in any character from local beggar to POTUS
I hope I live to see your magnum opus
To see your fans litter your ground with thousands of roses
You have a knack of lifting any soul at their lowest
You alone could maintain the burden of that onus
But no matter how much joy you give us within
No performance can cover the scars on your skin
I still see that 8 year old boy on his momma’s stairs
Ready to leave but afraid, drowning in his tears
Went from child services to raising hands on her
Even then you held it down to show her you care
You were 2, watching when she raised a cutlass on me
I hope you understand why that bond was beyond repair
Your crowd look a lil rough
Be careful with them boys, I seen ’em around enough
They the type with them habits I hope you don’t inherit
The type to leave you in a vegetable state just to have your karats
You boys learn from my mistakes and choose your women wisely
All these things I wish I had somebody to advise me
Never bothered to clear up the lies
Til’ I realized how time flies
I apologize


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