Coasting – Sunset

Letra “Coasting – Sunset” Official Lyrics

Sunset across the interstate
It’s that time of day
The subtle blues fade into orange as I fade away
And the road keeps turning
I keep thinking
I’m glad that I’m going
Where am I going?
Well I can’t care less

Playing to a sold out room
Okay, there’s just one dude
And he don’t give a shit how we do
And everyone else knows it
I am destined to bore with nothing new

Wake up (Wake up)
Stare at the off-white ceiling
Pick up (Pick up)
My phone with one eyе open and
Smash it to the ground (Smash it to the ground)
I’m sick of еveryone still around (Still around)
And I am waiting for the flame that lets the whole world know I’d burn it fucking down

So listen, I know just where I’m standing
At the same time, can’t wait to fuck it up
It seems like nothing fun can last forever but it’s
What you do
To get through

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