Cole VanBlaricom – The Stench of Revolution

Letra “Cole VanBlaricom – The Stench of Revolution” Official Lyrics

Sold all our souls
To the banker’s control
Their only goal
Is to make you feel cold
I smell
The stench of revolution

Hooked way deep inside
Pre occupied
With American Pride
I smell
The stench of revolution

I smell the stench of revolution

By those with terrorist ties
When terrorists are truthful
While the government lies
I smell
The stench of Revolution

I smell
The stеnch of Revolution

Look to the skies
To see thе boundry lines
You’re too old to understand
But I’m too young to die
In the name of your revolution

If we don’t turn
Then we might as well burn
There’s no return
From this hell on earth
That you call a revolution

None of us want this revolution

Many shattered tears
Soldiers in their prime years
A flag covered coffin covered in parent’s tears
In the name
Of your revolution

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