Cole VanBlaricom – When Jellyfish Ruled the Earth

Letra “Cole VanBlaricom – When Jellyfish Ruled the Earth” Official Lyrics

I have amazing news for you
Man is not alone on this planet
He is part of a community upon which he depends absolutely
There is no one right way to live
The premise of the taker story is
The world belongs to man
The premise of the leaver story is
Man belongs to the world
We are not destroying the world because we’re clumsy
We’re destroying the world because we are in a very literal and deliberate way
At war

In fact of course
There is no secret knowledge
No one knows anything that can’t be found on a shelf
In the public library

The universe
Was born a long long time ago
Perhaps ten or fifteen Billion years ago
Our own solar system, this star, this planet, and all the others seem to have come into being some two or three billion years ago
For a long time nothing whatsoever lived here
But then after a billion years or so life began
For many millions of centuries the life of the world was merely micro organisms floating helplessly in a chemical broth
But little by little
More complex forms appeared
Single celled creatures
Slimes, algae, polyps, and so on…
But finally…jellyfish appeared
Jellyfish appeared

Surely it all led up to this?
Surely it all led up to the jellyfish right?
All here for the jellyfish right?
Is that what we’re supposed to believe?
Or do the jellyfish belong to the earth as well?
Can the jellyfish be wiped away?
Just as easily as they were placed here by cosmic chance…

Let us
Remember the Jellyfish

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