Colony Collapse – The Love That Remains

The Love That Remains – Colony Collapse Lyrics Letra:

Lives are lived, not missed
I am two halves of what I think
Extinguish execution and fulfill the need to sink
Strong longing for what is fabrication
Melancholy nostalgia for paths I haven’t taken

Can’t you see in color, or is all the world dark?
As you breathe in sulfur, tonight we’re worlds apart

A pleasure you suffer an ailment you enjoy1
The love that remains it leaves us desperate, void and paranoid

Saturation, the endless search for perfection
Suffice it to suffocate
In control of a lifeless body on two separate planes of existence
Lost myself in hopelessness

Lives are lived not missed
I share with the universe my consciousness
Can’t you see in color?
Breathe in sulfur: tonight we’re worlds apart

Colony Collapse – The Love That Remains

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