Complete – One Slice

Letra “Complete – One Slice” Official Lyrics


I’m excited, we’re heading to a party tonight
I’m going with my best friends Marty and Mike
We met at mines for ?
And when it’s time to leave
We’ll already feel larger than life
“Right, I think it’s Marty’s turn to get the Uber”
But Marty says he hasn’t got the Uber App
“That’s convenient, isn’t it bro?
Heh, fuck it, I’ll get em
Mike you can get the Uber back”
Exciting vibes
The driver drives
And GPS says that we’ll arrive in 5
To Stacy’s place
Stacy’s great
Shе’s the hottest chick in school
With the nicеst eyes
We get there
When we stride inside
To like 10 girls and 19 guys
Surprise, surprise
I’m already feeling a bit crook
I knew I probably should’ve took those Hydralytes
That mum gave me
But fuck it, Imma get through it
Theres nothing in my stomach now
Except fluid
Fucking Marty keeps asking me where the Eski is
I guess he’s pissed
He’s standing directly next to it
I go and find Mike with his friend Stewart
They said “I reckon Marty’s maggot, yep knew it”
All of a sudden the music stops
People start moving off
Fuck, something about to get ruined

Basically the place scatters
“What’s happening Stace?”
She says: “? Crashers”
I see em walking in
I remain placid
But this one guy’s got a blade in his grey jacket
When he catches me look at him
It creates havoc
Suddenly all of them start to wave daggers
I’m afraid that they may stab us
That’s when he say:
“What the fuck are you looking at with your face

Then all hell breaks loose
Everybody’s yelling
Everything just fell straight through
Stewart says: “Drive my car”
“Dude I can’t drive your car
I’m on my fucking ? ? too”
That’s when everyobdy rushes to the front yard
Where unguarded Marty is getting punched hard
Then I’m ?
Now I’m fading in and out
As they run past

Guess they gotta flight
From the coppers lights
Cause they’re all gone now
Happy that they got a fight
I look around, like what a sight
“Is everybody ‘right?”
Right, wait I’ve forgotten Mike
That’s when I see Jack and Mohammed
Looking at me panicked
“Man we need to have a discussion”
“What’s happening, brothers?”
They say “It’s not good
Mike has a slash in his stomach”

I start rapidly running
I find Mike but his ? covered
I take my Jacket off and rap it above it
There is gallons of blood
I just act like it’s nothing
Even though the fact is
It’s actually gushing
“Marty hand me a bandage or somthin’!
Don’t worry Mike, we got an ambulance comin”
A second later and I see my mates life
Vanish from his eyes
As I hold his hand and I hug him


Now it’s sunlight
There’s news cameras everywhere and the blood’s dry
We just wanted to unwind
They just wanted some trouble
We just wanted a fun night
Now I’ve lost a best friend
And a mum has lost her sons life
All because of some guy
With a dumb knive
And all it took was one slice


More than one person today was caught carrying a knive in public
It’s a frightening figure
As the body count continues to rise

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