Crack Cloud – Afterthought (Sukhi's Prayer)

Letra “Crack Cloud – Afterthought (Sukhi's Prayer)” Official Lyrics

Who’s the real fiend when all your friends are fiending?
What’s really there to dream when hatred’s all you’re feeling?
What’s in the cards when energy is spent on booking?
Teenage offenders while our institution’s crooked
Young misdemeanors are the actions of late bloomers
Our ancient leaders withered early to their hubris
No ascendancy decides when we stop growing
Amеnd the constructs that define how wе are chosen
If those around you are the only ones you got
That doesn’t make the last of us an afterthought

If I was able to stay in line
It makes me wonder
Where to go, where to go
Where to go, where to go
Where to go, where to go
Where to go

Wow, you’ve reached the end of the feature
Yeah, the credits roll down the screen and the tears pour through your eyes
And you step outside and the sky is blue and the fields are green
And you look at your neighbor and you say, “I love you, I forgive you”
You’re my favorite, please shake my head
Because it’s 2022 and there’s no more illness
Social media’s cured us of anxiety and depression
And there’s no more war and there’s no more hate
And there’s no more stigma, nothing left to debate
[?] from the grave
And this world’s a better place
This is the last song of the album
This [?] will be forever
[?] we’ll be forever

So you got snubbed
Dealt the wrong hand
For no reason
Scrapped all your plans
Thought you were cursed
Said you were damned
Said you were lost
Couldn’t be found
Hole in the wall
Calendar drops
Court dates are near
Dust your hands off
Put on a shirt
Without the wine
Don’t you dare do

Another line
Another line
No it’s not fine
Not this time
Another rhyme
To remind you
Of the very place
You left behind
Without a trace
No saving grace
No saving face
Just face up
Face your mistakes
And learn from
What you can’t erase
What you can’t erase
You’ve got to embrace

Now one more time
Okay, okay
It’s the last song

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