Crack Cloud – Crackin Up

Letra “Crack Cloud – Crackin Up” Official Lyrics

Yeah, they say

They say the best thing is to acknowledge the pain
(You really fucked up your whole life, its such a shame)
But then you say, “Oh please, what can I do to remain?”
(The best thing for us all is if you simply refrain)
Well listen, I don’t wanna be a pest, so I’ma ask you nice
Don’t listen if you’ve ever been so fucked you’d wanna take your life
So down, you’re cracking up inside
So lost you dropped off outta sight
If this headspace you’ve never been
Don’t tell me what is wrong or right

That’s a question for you, man
A question you can answer
Like, what has changed for you?

‘Cause you’ve been talking about me
Y’all need a common enemy
Y’all need projections, mass erections, no reflections, just commentary
We gonna go straight for the hook
You gonna go straight for the book
Dumb fuck, you fucking drunk punk
There’s no way your bitch ass is getting off the hook
I’ve done my time, but I can tell
You thought that time would just repel
My soul, my love, my center
But I cannot be just broken by Hell
Crack Cloud

I hope you guys- I hope you guys can learn a lot from what I’m trying to tell you

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