Crazy Lixx – “Rise Above

Rise Above – Crazy Lixx Lyrics Letra:

I got strength, determination – And the courage to believe
And I can’t hold back any longer
There’s a call to every nation – For all the world to see
Who’s got the will, the heart, the hunger

I know, when the storm winds blow – That’s when the flames reach higher

To the rhythm of thunder – To the sound of the raging fire
We’re born to rise above
To the rhythm of thunder – In the face of the greatest power
We’re born to rise above

It’s the king of competitions – For the soldiers of the street
There’ll be no judge, there ain’t no jury
Pain before submission, death before defeat
To reach beyond the final fury

I feel, it’s my destiny – Gonna’ be the last survivor

Gotta’ be the last man standing – To endure the final round
To show the world I’ve got the power

I know, that I have to go – To face the hardest trial

Crazy Lixx – “Rise Above

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