Crypt – Rise Up ft. Blindsight

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Rise Up – Crypt ft. Blindsight
Lyrics, Letra:
I’m not gonna waste it
I thank you for not taking anything personal
First of all Crypt I got nothing but respect these pussy rappers
Trying get up in our heads
inviting them all in an then
RIP em to shreds
Make em regret ever picking up a fucking pen they gonna need DEPENDS
shit up in there pants
This is a cypher
We need a babysitter watch all these bitches in diapers
Stop all you mumble rappers
Cause We stitching there mouth first
Shut the fuck up cause we don’t understand ya not a fucking thing you sound like lamb huh
eat of the ground while you think about that huh
phoney picasso
If your gonna rap fast
Take a class from crypt
Let me show what I mean
hit the gas an whisk
I got some trash to pick
Gotta hazard bag
with a pack of zips
crypt had your limbs Unattached we then stuck your heads on a stick and start smashing in
Smash em
Smashing them in
Smash em
Smashing them in

I’m legally blind with a Smidgen of vision I’m spitting in wishing my queen an my princess Believe in this mission to make in existence this dream I been missing i’m doing it moving
an nothing you can do to stop me improving i’m in the studio an grooving and poppin Pursuing the truth in the booth an i’m ruthless I’m hungry
You think that it’s funny?


Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life just to go and try to find the bigger David within you,
to make you continue, all the evil’s against you, but this aint nothing you aint ever been through (WOOOOH)

Now pick up the pencil and write some meaningful shit,
and put a bullhorn to those who are pleading the fifth,
when you talk about the best rappers to ever exist,
make sure you fuckin mention Blindsight and Crypt

My time is this, I’ll rise to the tip of the highest mountain thats around and reply with this
“Spitting Heated Innovative Tricks”
layin’ sprays to this bitches with no aim assist,
I’ll make ya quit that lame shit you spit
and when ya hear Crypt, I’m gonna leave you saying this
“Ain’t no fuckin way that I’m better than him,
So shut the fuck up and never say it again.

Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten,
Bitches like you deserve to be at the bottom,
in a coffin, everybody calling you a novice sayin’ you outta be gone,
and Imma be honest bitch imma honor ‘em,
Imma send you down to your lowest point, back where I use to reside in.
Give you a pen and pad to see if you can rise up to the place that I did

Rise up,
till your demons can’t see you,
until the wrath of the devil is out of reach too,
until you pass a new level that you’ve never been to,
until you crack a new vessle that you are keen to

rise up from the ashes
make waves with your passion
don’t wait till it passes
turn haters to believers with every single fuckin breathe that you rap with

Crypt equipt with that speed to rap
You gone need to fasten your seat belt
Just out the passenger window to see hell
Let me give you the details
The reaper is me
i’m taking his soul and i’m eating it whole and then rolling your body into a deep hole
An your decomposeing to the bone
this is all I know
Come get me if you think you got that fight in ya?
Come get me if you think you got that fight in ya?
Come get me if you think you got that fight in ya?
Come get me if you think you got that fight in ya?

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