Crystal Spiders – Fog

Fog – Crystal Spiders Lyrics Letra:
One look in the mirror shows me my grief
One step in the fog gives me what I need
Drifting along, draggin my feet
Cycling through days of defeat

Hours slip, floatin away
Soft skin leathers as I stew and decay
Rain and hail pummel stinging eyes
The waves subside so the fog can rise

Emerald pool too dark to drink
I’ve been standing at the brink
Gazing at a stranger’s hand
Beckon to me and I’ll come if I can

Wilting even as I wait
Feels so good to hesitate
Wanna sink into the end
Fires glowing deep within

Follow me into the fog
Break the lantern, numb it all

Clear a path through the bone and meat
Freeze me here and I’ll never leave

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