Cueue Ayun – Things Work Out

Letra “Cueue Ayun – Things Work Out” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

I know that I’ma make it. I’ma go far
But it’ll be so hard
Cause my talent is so undeniable, you have to respect it
But you may jet it when you get the underlying message
Just kick me to the curb. Let me feel rain
Cause truthfully, everyone’s afraid of real change
I mean real change, like X-ing this life out
The type of change you never get from the White House
I am too, but I always knew something was wrong
So I’m fighting for that in еvery one of my songs
But act. Don’t just go running along
Cause if wе unite, then no generation ever could be coming this strong
But this is like jumping off of something or hanging up
We scared the others won’t jump at a time the same as us
While we continue to hesitate, I’ll meditate
Hoping that someday, some way, we’ll get to set it straight


Verse 2

Nah, don’t think it’s funny, but til we ready to really do it
I’ma keep attempting to save the world through my music
And try to spread the influence to people past the nation
And have them bastards hating until my assassination
Or I punk out, but pretend to still be for it
But be a broken sheep when the camera isn’t recording
Get on album after album with that and this to say
When really, my whole reason for living’s been stripped away
Or they put the duct tape around my mouth
By making my label not even put the album out
And slowly but surely turning all of my fans against me
Until I step in the open and see my bases empty
Yeah, I see what’s stacked up against me, but I keep believing
That you gon have my back, so out the window with reason
So I’ma take a deep breath, prepare myself for drama
And jump in this pool that’s full of piranhas, cause I really think…

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