Currents – Better Days

Better Days


Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Do you ever want to waste away
Recounting better times?
I’m with you
Is this all we have left to live with?

I only wanna get by
So with that, I don’t mind getting by
Reliving moments lived ’till my last breath

Do you get it?
Suffocating, can’t breathe but you’ve got a fucking mouth to feed
Never made the effort to change or go out of our way

You follow
Your sorrows
For better days we’ve waited for how long
How long?
You follow your sorrows
We spiral downward endlessly
But is the bottom where we’re meant to be?

Is anybody listening?
Can anybody tell me why I can’t get up?
Why can’t I get up?

Down on my knees as the world comes falling down
My fear: Chained to the ground for my will is weak
And my state is bleak

But I’m bound to break free
Pride running through my veins
My chains lay flat around me
My chains lay flat around me

How long do we endure the pain?
How long
‘Till we accept
You follow
Your sorrows?
For better days we’ve waited for how long
How long?
You follow
Your sorrows
We spiral downward endlessly
But is the bottom where we’re meant to be?

This isn’t where we’re meant to be
We spiral endlessly

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