Curren$y – Game Tapes 2

Game Tapes 2 Lyrics
Curren$y – Game Tapes 2 Lyrics

Keep the E in it
Chevies on switches
Smoking weed it
Girl, don’t post me in your
Fucking pictures though

Verse 1
Them buildings reaching high into the night sky
Reality for me now was just a dream at one time
Imagine myself up here full of weed and looking down
At the goings on of the town, sipping my brown
I might get dressed and mess around
Come play the crib, play these beats, write a play out
That’s what the fuck I did
Can’t keep giving you niggas everything, I got a kid
Everything that I got is really his
Don’t look here, it’s way deeper than what you wear
Closet full of designеr, still living with your mama, I swear you niggas weird
Need to just start wearing clown wigs
Makе it known, stop trying to blend in
Be the fuck who you is

Chevies on switches
Baby, just smoking weed in it
Don’t post me in your pictures
If you can keep a secret, we can always kick it
I told her rule number one, don’t talk about me ‘round your nigga, yeah
That shit there had him suspicious
We be hitting switches on Chev’, highway dealing
Loose lips sink ships, my ship ain’t sinking
Again ladies and gentlemen, it is time to recline your seat
Verse 2
My objective was to win since the begin
Back when Cash Money got that whip shit from 310
It was inspiring to see them
I always knew one day I would thumb through my own millions
Knew that I was grinding for a reason
Local radio was sleeping on him, but I didn’t need them
They woke up to the sound of my Pirelli tires screeching
To the airport, speeding
Rich off the game I learned from my poor righteous teachings

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