CYPHER GANG – Pokemon Cypher 2019 DLC

Pokemon Cypher 2019 DLC – CYPHER GANG Lyrics, Letra:
Intro: Shofu
WDFA, Cypher gang nigga
(Omar on the come-up)

Verse 1: Shofu
The illest out bitch, I done mastered the shit
Packing a fifth
I beat your ass, then grab your bag, then I dip
I don’t ever do a thing, the way I splash when I drip
Massive damage and shit
You see a flash with the wrist
This shit is ending how it’s supposed to be
Ain’t nobody close to me
Hottest in the city
Nothing dropping when I overheat
You yawning, but there’s cash I gotta get
I don’t go to sleep
Sunny jewels flashing on my neck, that’s a solar beam
Still running the game, like I’m holding b
You niggas never changed, still the same like you holding b
You just got a apple core, my team eating groceries
Fuck around, they find you in a box where the Rotom’s be
You nigga a joke to me, Blaine a bitch
And he don’t want no smoke with me
Nigga I’m connected, you don’t trade unless it’s locally
Money talks, you texting, I press a, you hear it vocally
Niantic goons, I shoot and catch a case and they gon’ Go for me
Fuck Poke’s nigga, I send em shooters out
Forgetting how we move
It ain’t nothing to bring some tutors out
You ain’t cold as us, you ain’t never making it through the drought
Fuck with me, your Pokemon end up in Mr.Fuji house
Niggas wanna battle me, good luck little bitch
The pistol stay under my wing, guess I’m stuck with this shit
I don’t leave nothing with Oak, I pull up with the shit
You nappy-headed niggas couldn’t ever fuck with the kid
Pay your respects, ain’t missing if I’m spraying the tech
Got them rockets in my corner, I ain’t placing no bets
All the luck is in my favor, boy you playing the best
You put all that pressure on me, I ain’t breaking a sweat
All my niggas make it over, when my cable connects
All my niggas in the building, can’t relate to your Dex
TPC probably hate when I flex, your bitch a freak
She be all up on my balls
This as great as it gets nigga

Verse 2: Shofu Tha Beatdown
Straight to the point, Mega Houndoom’s head
You better than me, that’s cap, Breloom’s head
Put these coconuts on your chick, Gloom’s head
See me, but you can’t touch me, Spiritomb’s head
I got gen 5 bars too, you know the deal b
Tell me this, what is a Zoroark to the real thing?
Not a fairy type, but see my wrist that’s a lean gleam
Still getting buck, like I evolved from Deerling
Piped her once, then she said she ain’t gon’ let me ghost her
Now she stay at my Instagram, I don’t care, Golurk
You just have a little drip, that just sounds like
Ammo in my Octazooka, sounding like
Take a shot at me in any way and Imma have to fire
Scorbunny on the Glock, what that mean? Rapid fire
Fuck a stupid remake, game freak, where we going next?
I’m just glad that CTC made it back in the Pokedex, gittem

Verse 3: TokenBlack
I ain’t gotta say it, cuz they know where I reside
Jigglypuff evolved, I got the .40 on my side
You know that I’m in this bitch, FRZ swagger
I’m frozen up in this bitch
Applying pressure to the Rolycoly
That was on my wrist, uh
Now that shit diamonds
Niggas got that Pokèvision, but they can’t find me
Team rocket goons, like Olivine, we lit as fuck
You shine, I call the goons, nigga give it up

Verse 3: G. Yee
G. Yee back with the bars, he all strapped
With his Charizard, lack of the arms
They aren’t packing it
Y’all ain’t got a choice
I scarfed the Darmanitian, dog
They all after my balls
That’s called Yamper’in
Young champion, party all packed, like a Gardevoir
Dancing, my Ralts went Kardashian
Mardi Gras, flashing the watch
It’s gargantuan, Starmie hard cast
Little rocks, yeah hard rapid spin
Yeah, forget a tiny spike
My mind is like yours if you times it twice
It’s blinding bright, got hoes tryna find me like
They wanna show the dude off, I’m a shiny sprite
The flow flawless, y’all stay Froakie and Sobble
You don’t even alter, the same lame flow that you start with
Forretress know that I’m balling, no I ain’t rock with snakes
Boy, I don’t need an Onyx, like

Verse 4: VI Seconds
Young Juice Wayne, chasing joy in a bad bitch
Call her Cofagrigus, put the pussy in a casket
(Y’all not getting a verse)
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