​d0llywood1 – Forever

Letra “​d0llywood1 – Forever” Official Lyrics


You guys are fucking dead!
You disgust me. Does your family know what you’re out here doin’?
Oh my god
Yeah (This is Ila, and you’re fuckin’ with d0llywood1)
Yeah (This is
, and you’re listening to d0llywood1
Oh yeah
Yeah (What’s dolly?)
Yeah (I’m sorry)
Eh (I don’t wanna die!)

Verse: d0llywood1

Thought I already told you I’ll do this forever
I thought that me and that bitch was forever
Talked to my brudda I said keep your head up
Talked to my brudda we in this together
I don’t want love bitch I want a header
D0llywood1, you can’t get no better
I cannot rat but I do want the cheddar
You cannot rap bitch you need a professor
Suckin dick was that bitch profession
I’m in detention I can’t do a lеsson
I’m droppin gems if you would listen
If you’re not first nigga you’rе not second
You’re last
You dropped that tape it was ass
You window shoppin at Saks
Walked out the mall with several bags
I fucked that bitch you can have her back
I doubted myself but I’m back on it
I just sent a song to my nigga quannnic
The future is bright if I’m bein honest
I don’t need that bitch if I’m bein honest
It’s me vs whoever then bet on it
Why the long face like Destroy Lonely
This shit gettin old Ken Carson (Hehe)
This shit gettin old Ken Carson
I’ll end this beef if you start it
I’m a lazy lil bitch I push to start it
Then I let the chauffeur park it
If you kill yourself Imma throw a party
Nigga that’s all I wanted
D1 I’m a Helix sargeant
Don’t turn yourself to a target (Hehe)
This not a diss this is fax
Without me where is niggas at
I showed you love you should show it back
I gave you niggas the sillyteam quack (Quack, Quack)
Even though I don’t want sillyteam back (I’m sorry)
I don’t know where niggas talk on the net
I guess I just never been to the ‘raq
I feel like Big Chill (I’m sorry)
I turned down big deals
I was a big deal
Before you were even here
I taught niggas how to rap
I taught niggas how to mix
I taught em how to make beats
Called you my brudda but you ain’t my kin (Haha)
This shit get old like Ken (I’m sorry)
Yeah I’m EffedUp


I always saw the-
Aww, I love you too!
Dolly, you so cute

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