OFF THE RIP – DaBaby Lyrics, Letra:
Straight off the rip, you know I don’t wait for the drop
I go out to eat with my kids and my mama, you know I ain’t dating no thot
Believe what you see, nigga
I can’t name a rapper that’s out here and breathing that’s fucking with me, nigga
I’m taking they hoes, Forces, Adidas pants and a tee, nigga
They like how? That don’t even match
OK, huh take my phone, baby
Let’s go

I’m just a lil’ nigga from Charlotte, the biggest new artist
They wanna see me up the road, but my lawyer a fool with dismissing the charges
You know BDB ENT we gone pull up Infiniti’s, Challengers, Chargers
And no, we don’t gotta get money with you, bitch we gone get money regardless
I’ma let you do all of that talking, don’t get me started, you know I’ma stop it
And I don’t got a cent for a hoe, she bringing up money, I’m changing the topic
She need to be talking about sucking some dick, I nut in her mouth and she gargle
If she spit out that rich nigga shit without swallowing, me and her having some problems
We having revolvers strictly for murder and plenty of pistols and choppas
Aye, when you gone stop? Whenever the fat lady sing, I don’t listen to opera
You know how I give it up, fucked around, fucked up my hand beat a nigga up
Pull off on a nigga like ‘Vroom’, he don’t got a car he still catching the city bus
His baby mama unemployed so she in the club with her ass and her titties out
And we done robbed so many plugs, you better check and go ask what my city ‘bout
Had to slide the nigga bitch a dub, wanted to fuck me but I only hit her mouth
Take the palm of my hand, slap me a nigga, got something to say, make em’ spit it out
You know I’m ‘bout Baby, all the shit the nigga rapping ‘bout, that nigga really ‘bout
And no, I ain’t taking advice from a nigga, I’m cool on that, I got it figured out
These niggas be crying about petty shit, I can’t relate because I took a bigger loss
And these niggas know I been a boss, ever since Rick Ross was the biggest boss
Got diamonds all over my teeth, I been eating chicken, I need me some dental floss
Hold my watch in the air, it’s no longer hot, you can go turn that condition off
I’m hitting this hoe on the low, she fuck with me hard, she say that her nigga soft
Why you talking so low? ‘Cause’ if a nigga find out and he try me, I’m knocking a nigga off
I’m riding pass twelve, flying through fast as hell, flicking a nigga off
I’m revving the gas, burning out on niggas ass, I’m showing my engine off

Straight off the rip, you know I don’t wait for the drop
I go out to eat with my kids and my mama, you know I ain’t dating no thot
Believe what you see, nigga
I can’t name a rapper that’s out here and breathing that’s fucking with me, nigga

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