DaBoii – Real Boii

Letra “DaBoii – Real Boii” Official Lyrics


First off, it’s SOB up in this bitch
Give a fuck who up in there, ‘cause nigga we up in this bitch
I’m comfortable in my opps hood, I keep my feet up in this bitch
I brought my gun up in this club, ain’t ‘posed to be up in this bitch
I brought my gun up in the club, bitch I’m my own security
You ain’t listening when I talk, how the fuck you hearing me?
Bitch it’s a hunnit in the choppa, it ain’t shit to clear the scene
Bitch if you had a hunnit choppas, couldn’t put no fear in me
And they was sleep on the kid, heard them boys awake now
I swear I love that nigga Juice, boy that boy my day one
PPP finally hit, oh you gettin’ cake now?
Fuck the feds, they keep tryna lock me up, Akon
Bitch I’m hustlin’ everyday, I don’t do the break time
Told baby leave a message, I don’t do the FaceTime
But you can get up on yo knees, baby give me face time
And if I want it, imma take it, never let ‘em take mine
And if I want it, imma take it, never let ‘em take shit
Them niggas never on they block, hit the block and take shit
“Book, book, book” lil’ nigga take this
Our stories giving niggas credit, what the fuck have they did?
I got the heart of a lion, but I be with apes bitch
I bought my brodie bro a gun, he just wanna grave dig
If you ain’t tryna give me face, get up out my face bitch
Yeah, Real Boii for real, I don’t gotta fake shit
Yeah, Real Boii for real, I don’t gotta fake none
Niggas always on the net, how the fuck is they thugs?
I break bread with all my people, you the type to break none
And I been arguing with my bitch, hit the room and make up
I hear you talking under yo’ breath, lil’ nigga say some
Nigga this a K drum, we ‘uh yellow tape some
I hear you rapping ‘bout them guns, but ain’t never sprayed one
And imma die a Real Boii, and that’s until that day come. (Onna gang, nigga)



Yeah nigga, you niggas know what time it is nigga
Real SOB up in this bitch nigga
None of that fraud, none of that faking nigga
I don’t know none about any of that other shit nigga
Niggas know what time it is nigga
Niggas know who really runnin’ shit around this bitch nigga
Stupid ass nigga, it ain’t rocket science nigga
Yeah nigga, niggas know how we comin’ nigga
Say less situation nigga
Huh? Ha, onna gang nigga, 2 hunnit
I’m out this bitch, nigga
Stupid ass lil niggas man, it’s crazy

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