​daine – Sleepwalking

Letra “​daine – Sleepwalking” Official Lyrics

I traced your scent
You’re just an evil incarnate
We’ll talk but not soon
It’s just whenever i want to
I feel like i’ve collapsed
But im a creature of habit and it’s overdue

I’m running and you clawed at my skin
I’ve been waking up with no clue where ive been
I keep getting all of these cryptic dreams
Don’t know how to stop sleepwalking


The things you say are just so unhealthy
Contempt is there with or without me
And you know when i’m gonna leave
I know you’ll understand but you’ll still be grieving

I don’t think its hard to find the time to care but i won’t
You feel things you can’t еscape
But i think i’m alright on my own

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