Damien – Bad Luck

Damien – Bad Luck Lyrics Letra:

let me tell you why i have some bad luck…
cause everytime i try i’m never good enough…
everybody’s happy without me i’m never needed i’m heated cause no one ever really gives a fuck
and i don’t think i have a heart no more
cause everytime i feed it, they eat it, break it to pieces,
i’m really hating the way they treat it,
n they repeat it, tell me why they gotta make it tough.
to love
to trust
like i’m so fucked up
i can’t reconstruct
so i self destruct
and my mind blows up
guess it’s just my luck
to get fucked over, over n over again
never sober again
can’t win,
guess this the end,
the last time,
last sign
that they gonna have to give
and that sucks.
im such a sad fuck w bad luck.
…and a lot of sh*t on my mind
stop wasting my time.
you just wanna see me decline…
you always gotta come from behind like damn
i’m alive and i’m f*cking surprised,
like damn,
can’t you see the pain in my eyes
i am…
super distant
always trippin
i’ve been hittin
ease the trauma
i just wanna be…
…happy why is that so hard for me?
why’s it getting super hard to breathe
can’t control my thoughts, anxiety
is taking over, lie to me, and cry to me.
but fake it all cause you’re involved
in not getting my problems solved
you watch me fall and drop the ball
i won’t fall my nigga i slip not
from the tippity tip top
ima flippity flip flop
off my feet i dont stand tall

luck won’t be on my side for the rest of my life
i try i try i try too hard
and i cry i cry i cry so hard

let me tell you why i have some bad luck…
cause nothing in my head ever adds up
and i could never see when i have love
so go and put your mf hats up
too the depressed and the lost
and the vanquished the damaged and stressed
and the blankly confused who don’t know what to do with themselves and are fighting with nothing to lose so they sip on the booze and they rip on a bong and they listen to songs like these
i can never “do the right thing” spike lee
i’ve never been the man and i’ll never understand why nobody ever really likes me
i see
so many flaws so many mistakes
nobody calls
cause they all be fake
i guess ima fall
right down to my fate
which is nothin at all
just black hole
taking my soul filled with emptiness
i got lows no highs when getting lit
i don’t talk i’m not the friendliest
my bad luck is like the deadliest
it’s like poison block out noise and
weight on my chest is the heaviest
can’t keep going so i’m slowing down til i can’t take the mental shit

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