Daniel La Toure – Insane

Letra “Daniel La Toure – Insane” Official Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Walked In i was 14
Saw you laughin over there with your friends
Then i start to shiver in my hands
You would smile with your teeth
Your hands would move like they were leaves

I had a dark cloud
Stuck with the wrong crowd
So i took my pills
Stared death in the face

I was dying
No one heard me crying
My brain was getting violent
I was feelin lost oh

(Verse 2)
Walked in i was 17
Saw you crying
My hands wanted to wipe your tears
Your feet moved like you were scared

You had a dark cloud
I wanted to be your out
So i took my phone
Stared into your mind

Thеn i asked you to be mine
But i chosе the wrong time
My love was my biggest crime
I moved on, i wandered, got hurt

(Verse 3)
Walkin in I’m 22
See you living and you looking good
I got so much weight on my wrist
I see the ink on your arms

I see the silver lining
I’m finally ready to tell you the truth
I’ll take a glass of wine
Look you in the eye

I’m obsessed with you
I hurt some people for you
I thought you would rescue
Thought you would call me and tell me you love me too

But You Don’t love me too
You don’t feel the same
You don’t dream about me too
Maybe I’m just insane
I’m insane for you…

Cause all i want is you

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