David Kirton – Green Camouflage

Green Camouflage

David Kirton

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Gimme de green camouflage
For my peace march
Green camouflage
We’ll be unarmed


Soldiers fighting in big cities
Taking out the innocent and the guilty
They no longer need to blend into the trees
They’re hiding in the streets
Oh my gosh

Trying to desensitize me, on the TV
With their vision of brutality
Trying to shallow my concience
With defensive statements

No camouflage
They say no camouflage
No camouflage
They say no camouflage

Gimme de green camouflage
For my peace march
Green camouflage
We’ll be unarmed

Camouflage is in fashion
They must’ve thought
The war was over for America
I tell dem

They don’t need de green no more
Searching for the enemy door to door
I wear my camouflage in Jamaica

It makes me feel like a soldier in Jah army
In Barbados, there’re the most peaceful people I know
Still de camo pon embargo

No camouflage, they say no camouflage
No camouflage, they say no camouflage
Gimme de green camouflage for my peace march
Green camouflage
We’ll be unarmed

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