Davinci B – Mixed Emotions

Letra “Davinci B – Mixed Emotions
” Official Lyrics

Mixed emotions (I Love You)
One moe chanceee
Sometime I wanna wish upon a star
I know I hurt you but I’m still thinking bout where you are
I thought I knew better for sum reason I can’t change
As time go by I wish you woulda stayed the same

My heart hurt I can’t even breath
My last memory was watching you leave gimme one more chance I pray to god that I could do better
I said I hate you but you know you change like Florida weather
Mixed emotion it get confusing bae you taught mе love
So I don’t understand why I still can’t give you my trust
Thought it was lust till I hеard you gave my homie the key my heart broke but it’s
My fault for letting you leave

Times get better that’s what they say I’m up a 3
And I can’t even be mad for the shxt you had did to me
Cuz if you knew what I did to you you prolly catch a body
But lemme tell you a lil bit bout my side chick molly
Back in October round my birthday ya I had good time
I dropped you off early cuz you know yo momma don’t play
But it’s okay cuz I remember we was fucking
All day fast forward 10 o’clock molly said where you at
In my head Im thinking bra you better not text back
Cuz if I did I know I’m in it with no jimmy Mack
But I did I said wassup bae you know I’m on the road
She text back it’s yo birthday and she fiening for me
So what I did feel victim and bought a plan b
Anit gotta say no more it’s all in the past ya it’s history
Tables turn bridges burn and karma at my door
Can’t get away I’m a man stand on what I say
Open the door guess wat karma ran a away
It was okay I looked down at the porch
I picked my head up I seen karma run wit so much force
She kick the door down
She beat me up anit even leave me no choice
Boom pow man down
And I’m back on my dick
Ego so big I anit ask a nigga for shxt
See Ima tell you what it is so betta listen to me
All the lies to minimize the pain you would go thru
I cut ties but some how I came back to you and I’m the Haitian but somehow I think you got me on woo
Cast a spell to make me fell
And then you lit a fire and I can’t lie I hurt you
But it hurt to call me liar
Remember omulika omulet
Future baby names
Had a baby boy by another nigga now can’t use them names
F*** the fame
I need a real one wit my last name
Now and for ever through deaf &
I hope she never change

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