Daz Tricky – Oxy to the Kids

Letra “Daz Tricky – Oxy to the Kids” Official Lyrics

(Intro: Daz Tricky)
They gave oxy to the kids
It was his first and last hit
Oxy to the kids
Lil kid ain’t know shit
Oxy to the kids
Claimed it was pro-bono, but look at how they end up
There goes another angel that we didn’t have to send up
Oxy to the kids
Yeah I’m talking ‘bout
Oxy to the-
They gave what to who?
Oxy to the kids
Oxy to the kids

(Verse 1: Daz Tricky)
Happened to this guy I knew back in two thousand and nine…teen
He was only a teen (Mmm)
Lived his whole life clean
No alcohol, marijuana or lean (Okay)
Suddenly somebody handed him a perc’ (Mm)
He thought, “It couldn’t hurt just to live a little”
Until it was a littlе too late
All them perc’s that hе shouldn’t have ate
Fentanyl’s been flying, not even the weed’s safe
Dealer gave it to him and then went off the grid
Probably because he’s giving oxy to the kids
They gave oxy to the kids

(Verse 2: Corwin Cornett)
They giving oxy to the kids or maybe promethazine
An offer can’t refuse they just want to feel better
Seen another on the news just dead inside his bedroom
Screams from momma on the phone he just wanna live a better dream
Amphetamines, feelin’ like the best thing you ever felt
Promised to his momma that’s the last thing he ever dealt
He knew he was lying but he couldn’t bear the weight he felt
Now the kid is lying, momma crying full of shame and guilt
But that’s just the way the system going now
Give the youth some drugs is just another way to hold us down
Feelin’ like a slug I’m barely going through the motions
And I might load up on slugs ‘cause I’m paranoid and soulless now
What’s the point of going on
Everything you need is on TV, feel like you’ve seen it all
If it’s now the oxycodone It’s the shotgun that he’s loading
Put the barrel in his mouth and he finally just end it all

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