Death Metal

Untimely Demise – City of Steel

Letra “Untimely Demise – City of Steel” Official Lyrics (Matt)Megalomaniac, a threat to societyInstigator of ambitious designs to crush humanityIndoctrination of unlimited hatredRe-arm the desperateSend them to battle without any restraintGunfire in the airKilling people everywhereMech war from the skyScreeching treads of the tanksCreeping in from the flanksHeard by those …

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Untimely Demise – Forger of Belief

Letra “Untimely Demise – Forger of Belief” Official Lyrics (Solo: Matt) (Matt)Master of DeceptionForger of BeliefWe are the ones that are destined to dieNever as your sheep (Matt)Daughters of satanSeeds in your wife’s wombThey Carry designs of pleasureWhile indulgence ensues cujBpY (Matt)Pathetic LiarTwister of his TruthSnake in the ChoirThe system you abuse (Matt)Rat on your …

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La Fin – Hypersleep

Letra “La Fin – Hypersleep” Official Lyrics Flashes of colored lights behind my eyelidsPulses of a world, that isn’t oursWe suffer its strengthWe absorb its characterWe are all slavesWe will become slaves when we’ll finally open our eyesWe travel, motionless, through the hypersleepPredestined, confined, slaves of ourselves, poised between universesBuilt …

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