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Dela – Intro

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Dela – Intro Lyrics, Letras:

Yo what the fuck
Dela wake up
Yo Dela
Wake up Dela
Wake your punk-ass up
Wake up Dela
Yo wake up Dela
Yo Dela ugh

Verse 1
Is it constant tripping that got me thinking that a nigga falling in love
Usually don’t give a fuck
Now I’m questioning lust
I been about you when I stay around you
Cause I want more than just a bust
I want something to come from us
I want more from the universe
You know I be the worse just for fun
Niggas always on the run
Me i stay up on the hunt
For a new style, new style, new style
Switch up cause I’m feeling hung
Hand-me downs on my neck
Fuck it show me some respect
Broken heart on my right sleeve
And my future coffin on the left
Whisper secrets in my chest
Falling deeper in your breath
We can go where you wanna go
No I never cared about what’s next
Never cared about next
Nigga not aboutta flex
Never cared about next, yeah
Baby hit me with a text
Always worried about your ex
If you want you can run off with him
And we strictly make this bout the sex
I’m not really one to stress
And I keep the pain to myself
No it’s not good for my health but you know I stay Loki like a nigga stealth
Low-key screaming out for help(x3)


Verse 2
Whisper to me then I melt
Give away all the cards in my life
Cause I don’t like the one’s I was dealt
Down to hell with my spouse
Acid tripping in my mouth
Bitches ain’t what I’m about
Love really be the potion
Flowing all up in your ocean
Baby why you never open
I’m trying to get inside
I know that you know this(x3)
I know that you(x3)

Yo what the fuck
Dela wake up
Yo Dela
Wake up Dela
Your punk-ass up
Wake up Dela

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