Demun Jones – Good Morning

Good Morning Lyrics

Good morning
Wake up kids it’s time for school
Put your clothes on, cmon
Good morning
Y’all been sleeping on me
Time to claim what’s mine
It’s a brand new day
You should wake up man have a seat
We can talk over breakfast
Would you like some juice
Good morning
Y’all been sleeping on me
Time to snap out of it man
Remember who turned over these rocks
Hung door you knockin’ on
Show some respect
Wipe your feet before you walk up in here

Verse 1
Go back a decade‚ five‚ you’ll find my footprints on the path
I was 8 to 6 laying block hen hitting stages and doing math
Built a name one show after another ‘til my voice broke
Drove 30 hours to Arizona to do a concert for two folks
Slowly over time I became more recognized
It wasn’t overnight‚ they weren’t all polite
I had to chisel and that was fine
They let me get it on for the door and merch
And they got the bar
Now these kids are showing up late as hell and expect it all
A Losing Loving Company don’t mean you got an LLC
You humbly coulda come to me and I’d shown you how it’s supposed to be
Now I had to go and do this song and embarrass a few little pigs
But the house I’m in is made of bricks and I’m the one that built that shit
Good morning
Y’all been sleeping on me
I didn’t mean to be too aggressive man
I just wanted to make sure that I got my point across
That you understand that I’m saying
Good morning
Y’all been sleeping on me
This isn’t really the type of thing you dabble in
This is what you are
Or this is what you ain’t, and you ain’t

Verse 2
If you been keeping track from way back
You know I got a plaque or two on the wall
My hard work became art work and I shared it with all of y’all
The industry can be dark, full of lies and mystery
I’ve uncovered hidden revenue streams and even made you a key
So if you go and sell your soul‚ make sure the price is right
So one day when you’re old and gray you won’t reflect on a wasted life
Don’t be a slave to these numbers because at times they lie
They say this but it means that and the roller coaster nose dives
And 10gs ain’t no money dog, when it’s the last 10 racks you get
Two outfits and one video, your whole advance is spent
Back at home with your slip on‚ work boots in the mud
So ask yourself what you’re in it for, is it the money or the love?
Good morning (Good morning, that’s right)
Y’all been sleeping on me
Wake up kids, will power, uh
Demun Jones, 2019 to 2020
Good morning
Y’all been sleeping on me
2020 hope you’re seeing clearly now
You know how to find me if you’re not
Good morning

Demun Jones

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