Dillinger – Down Town Rock

Letra “Dillinger – Down Town Rock” Official Lyrics


Now this happen to be chapter four of the sound call “Swing Easy”
Starring the brother call Dillinger (Aha)

Rocker, dem a rock Downtown
The rocker, dem a rock down so
Rocker, dem a rock down, for dem a rock down
Rocker, dem a rock Downtown
So when I tell you ‘bout a everybody rock
Conckee, dem a rock Downtown
Mi say di conckee are di rebel an’ di, di reminayah dem
For, dem a rock Downtown
Everybody rocking Downtown
Di rocker, dem a rock dem, for dem a rock dem
An’ then you *Scatting*


Zim-zim-zim, stagger lee
I say, you stole away the cookie from the little cookie jar
Who mi, yes you, couldn’t mi, then a who?
A who a stole the cookie from the, the cookie jar?
A when I tell you, say, you stole away my cookie from the cookie jar

Verse 2

Come an’ make you bam down so
Di rocker make you rock down so
Di rocker make you rock down, cah dem a rock down
Cah dem a rock Downtown (You know?)
Come everybody, now the rockers rock
Rocker, dem a chuck down *Scatting* (Hey)
A so you squeechie ‘round the band an’ go an’ tell your little friend
About the little girl you know call Gwen (Tell you)
An’ so you squeechie ‘round the black
You squeechie with your feetchie-feetchie, as I would tell you, say

Verse 3

Rocker, dem a rock Downtown
An’ then di conckee, dem a rock down
An’ a di rebel-dem, an’ reminayah-dem too (Tell you)
Everybody goin’ out, as I would say
They goin’ down to do the yammarock
As I would tell you ‘bout the sound-a call-a “Rockers Rock”
Rocker, dem a rock down so
The rocker, dem a rock down


Wonder what a disaster
That no man in the world can ever prosper
What a disaster

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