Dillinger – Fat Free Skank Lyrics

Letra “Dillinger – Fat Free Skank Lyrics” Official Lyrics

[Intro]Hail Skibbo, what the man a step it down?
I man a step up di Rickles, yah go check a beef, you know, Jah?
Yeah, what kind of beef, you mean bully beef? (No, Jah)
Salt beef? (No, Jah)
Then a what kind of beef?
I mean the fat dawta-dem is dem I call beef
Oh seen, I-ficial little dawta (Heights)
The fat beef

[Pre-Verse]Hey, you swing an’ sway
So you comin’ down with me
An’ no matter what the, hey, people may say
How do you know that I love you so?

Don’t be no chief on ya
You got to get yourself a beef on ya
An’ so you rub up a beef on ya (Say so)
Dub up a beef on ya (Alright)
You rock up a beef on- (Ride on)
An’ you, an’ you, then you comin’ down an’
An comin’ down an’ get yourself a
An’ get yourself a beef, as I would tell you, say (Say so)
An’ so in case you never now, that’s how it go
So you got to come on down an’ work your show
An’ work your show before you, work your show before you go (Hеy)

[Bridge]The fat girl are beef on ya, you dub up a beef on ya
Cah, when I tеll you ‘bout the sound weh lead the way
You show no color, a show no color (Huh)
Fat girl are beef, as I would say

[Verse 2]I tell you ‘bout the beef-dem
Mi say, di fat girl-dem down deh
An’ a whole lot of beef down deh
So you got to be down there, as I would say (Hey)
An’ gone you dub up a beef down deh
An’ you get yourself a beef down deh
A whole lot of beef down
A whole lot of beef, as I would say

[Bridge]Beef compromise, beef of all size
So you got to realize
The thing you got to face in life sometime
An’ dat will make your life sublime, as I would tell-a you

[Verse 3]Mi say, di beef-dem a rock- (Hey, say so)
Mi say, di beef-dem a rock Uptown
An’ di beef-dem a rock Downtown
Mi say, di beef-dem a dub Downtown
An’ di beef-dem a rub Uptown

[Outro]Di fat girl are beef on ya
An’ di slim girl are mutton out deh
Say, di slimmer girl are mutton (Hey)
Ride on, damn right, you’re damn right (Aha)

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